• Why Germany Won’t Get Real with Russia

    Germany’s role in the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia is meant to appear to be that of a neutral arbiter. But in reality, Berlin seems much more interested in restoring good relations with Russia than in preventing another frozen conflict on European soil. 

  • Poland-Russia: A 180 Degree Shift?

    In December 2013, improvements in Polish-Russian relations seemed to be undeniable. After only half a year, bilateral relations made a 180-degree shift. Russia was unanimously judged by the Polish elite as the number one threat to Poland’s security.

  • The President Who Cried Wolf

    Putin is acting like a well-known fairy-tale character, the boy who cried wolf. The difference is that he is the one who controls the wolves.

  • Armenia and Azerbaijan: Seeking Compromise

    Tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up over the past weeks, as casualties rocketed on both sides in what has been the worst fighting in two decades. Both parties have now agreed to “compromise” and a peaceful solution to the conflict.


  • Expansionism: The Core of Russia's Foreign Policy

    Russian expansionist foreign policy is clearly marked by anti-Americanism. Russia seems to be particularly interested in issues that have a high potential of breaking coalitions between the United States and its European partners.

  • Why the West Should Reflect on its “Russia Strategy”

    If the West wants a reposeful and cooperative Russia, then understanding Russia’s geopolitical fear is important. However, it appears the key Western actors, whether the US, the EU, NATO are either not cognizant of Russia’s fears or intentionally disregard them in their policy.

  • Photo Report: Maidan on Fire Once Again

    On August 7th 2014, Kyiv's Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) was, once again, set on fire. Dozens of people who still live in the protest camp in the heart of Kyiv violently disrupted government attempts to clear the Maidan.

  • An Alarming Situation in Azerbaijan

    The situation of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan is increasingly alarming. Not only unfavourable amendments have been introduced to Azerbaijani law, but the authorities have also arrested a number of opposition activists under bogus charges.

  • Transnistria’s Difficult Choice

    Transnistria is commonly seen by the outside world as a Russian puppet. However, a recent tape scandal in this breakaway state made many wonder which side Tiraspol is actually backing in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

  • What Future Awaits Ukraine?

    The people who fought for a better future in the streets of Kyiv not so long ago, do not know now where the country is heading and what the fate awaits them tomorrow.

  • The Great Gamble in the High North

    The Arctic poses a unique challenge to Russian foreign policy. No other region is viewed with such optimism and national pride in Russia, yet international cooperation and good relations with other Arctic states are essential to success.

  • An Obedient Child of the Russian Federation

    New Eastern Europe's exclusive interview with Stanislav Shushkevich, a Belarusian politician and scientist, the first leader and head of state of independent Belarus after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

  • The Human Face of the Revolution

    Interview with Kristina Berdinskikh, a Ukrainian journalist, founder of the Facebook project: The Maidaners.

  • Victims of Russian Propaganda

    The Russian propaganda machine went into motion almost immediately with the start of the EuroMaidan revolution. With the new government in power in Kyiv, the focus is now discrediting the new authorities while simultaneously fanning the flames of separatism in the east of Ukraine.

  • Being a Separatist

    "'On holidays, I am ashamed to say that I am Russian, because nobody likes them,' said a stringer for one of the pro-Kremlin news channels, who cooperates with separatists from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic." A report from Donetsk.

  • Now Available: Issue 3/2014 - Our R(E)volutions

    The July-August 2014 issue of New Eastern Europe is now available in e-version and on newsstands worldwide. 

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