• Black Gold and Blue Fuel Insurance

    Nowadays Russian companies face tremendous insurance costs as foreign providers run away. Foreign insurers more often come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth the risk of offering their services.

  • Hunt or be Hunted: Macedonian

    While the whole world has been waiting for the release of the new season of House of Cards, for the past few weeks the Macedonian opposition have been releasing stories from the government’s life which make Frank Underwood a warmhearted and naïve kid.

  • The Revival of South Stream on the Horizon

    Although Slovakia presents Eastring as a chance to provide gas from western European markets to Central Europe, it could also serve as a replacement of the European part of the South Stream and a way to deliver Russian gas to Europe, via Turkish Stream.

  • Ukraine Needs Time to Focus on Reforms

    An interview with Nicu Popescu, a senior analyst at the European Union Institute for Security Studies: "Ukraine has to fight two wars. One is in Donbas, but the other one is in the rest of Ukraine."

  • Rebuilding the Engine of Cooperation

    The Ukraine-based Motor Sich is one of the key global manufacturers of engines for military and civilian airplanes and helicopters. With the majority of sales to Russia, how will Motor Sich manage to navigate between politics and business?

  • I Have Never Left Russia

    An interview with Boris Akunin, Russian writer and dissident: "In a spiritual sense, I have never left Russia. Russia is the cultural and emotional sphere in which I function."

  • Lukashenka: Back in the game?

    By organising the meeting in Minsk, Lukashenka had his own goals set and only some joke that Belarusian President did it because he counts on the Nobel Peace Prize for such active engagement.

  • Seven Years of Kosovo's Hollow Sovereignty

    Kosovo cannot make productive use of its economic resources. The standstill over the mineral-rich Trepça mines in northern Kosovo serves as a constant reminder that the country is not yet free in any meaningful sense.

  • Diplomacy Is No Longer Working

    To assess the overall situation, if the US will not increase its engagement in Ukraine, then the Lebanese Nadine Labaki’s film title – “Where Do We Go Now” – might be the right wording defining the dilemma Europeans will face once Putin has won in Ukraine.

  • Iran and Armenia Expand Strategic Co-operation

    The key issue in Armenian-Iranian relations is a railway project that touches the national security issues of Armenia. The 305 kilometre-long railway from Armenia to Iran is estimated to cost some 3.2 billion US dollars.

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