• Lawyers and Guns: Dirty Ukrainian Money in the US

    Both Republicans and Democrats have been recipients of generous sums from Presidents Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yanukovych as well as Ukrainian oligarchs seeking to ingratiate themselves with American public opinion. 

  • Crossing the red line

    New Eastern Europe's interview with Asli Edoğan, a prize-winning Turkish writer and human rights activist detained on August 17th for allegedly making terror propaganda on behalf of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

  • Russia’s Duma election. What to expect

    In the September election United Russia will likely receive a bigger majority of seats than it currently holds. There will probably be less outcry over election fraud because it will be cleaner in places where people are more likely to speak out against government misconduct.

  • Marta Dyczok discusses war, sports and politics in Ukraine

    Ukraine Calling's interview with Brian Mefford and Michael Getto

  • Blokowisko

    In a blokowisko, it is very important whether someone is rich or poor. Moreover, rich or poor, everyone has a satellite antenna and a burglar alarm, because, as the Eastern European saying advises, “What is guarded, God guards.” 

  • Putin's Crimean games

    Undoubtedly, the West needs Churchills and Roosevelts who are able to deal with possible spiralling geopolitical developments, as there are indications that Putin has something special planned for Crimea and Ukraine.

  • Marta Dyczok discusses the killing of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kyiv

    Ukraine Calling's interview with Andriy Kulykov, Kateryna Smagliy, Paul Niland. 

  • It's a

    Despite the fact that there are a number of female specialists in the area of Eastern European politics and post-Soviet space in Poland, conference organisers tend to promote all-male panels.

  • Seeking refuge in distant Portugal

    As the war in eastern Ukraine reached its peak in 2014, 157 of the 442 people seeking refuge in Portugal were Ukrainian. In 2015 Ukrainians submitted 42.4 per cent of all asylum requests in Portugal. 

  • On the role of the Visegrad Group and Havel's legacy

    An Interview with Michael Žantovský, a Czech diplomat, author, the current Director of the Vaclav Havel Library and president of the Aspen Institute Prague. 

  • Who will succeed Vladimir Putin?

    After nearly 16 years in power there have been some recent rumours which indicate that a search for Putin’s successor is currently taking place.

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